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Update Smaart v7.5.1

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New Update Smaart v7.5.1 is now available. This minor update fixes a few bugs, primarily in Impulse Response Mode, and is recommended for all v7 users (even if you have already updated to 7.5).
This update includes the following changes:

- Fixed bug where IR Metadata was not being stored if using the IR wave recorder
- Fixed bug with IR Mag Threshold
- Fixed bug where Live IR plot would return to default range when exiting Transfer Function Options
- Fixed bug where program could hang if continuous IR measurement was taken but no signal of any kind was present
And in case you missed the 7.5.0 feature additions....

- Added Target Curves
- Added Quick Compare (Trace Subtract) to live TF traces
- Added Normalize function to Magnitude plots for Transfer Function traces
- Added Histogram for displaying "All Bands" data in IR Mode
- Added high-pass filter to IR Options
- Added option to drop data window and sync noise/FFT size in IR Mode
- Added ability to hide Trace Register
- Added option to make Live IR plot occupy 1/2 or 1/3 of window (Proportional Panes)
- Added informational metadata to IR measurements
- Added hover text to trace folders
- Added Clock option to sound level meter (hotkey [K])
- Added Magnitude Threshold for Impulse Response measurements
- Improved fractional octave smoothing
- Improved Coherence-weighted averaging
- Improved Ln marker placement math
- Improved integrated averaging (1 sec, 2 sec, etc)
- Changed SPL meter UI to be consistent with Smaart v7 Di
- Changed Mag Range in TF options to be a customizable default

Please note: If you are currently running 7.4 or higher, you do NOT have to deactivate your existing Smaart installation to install 7.5.1 simply install it over-the-top of your existing 7.4 installation. If you are still using an older version of Smaart 7 (prior to 7.4), please follow the instructions in this document to install 7.5.1.
Smaart v7.5.1

If you have already updated to 7.4, follow these instructions to update to 7.5.1:

1. Log into your account at
2. Select "Your Software Licenses" on the main navigation bar.
3. Click on your Smaart v.7 license in your list of registered products.
4. On your Smaart v.7 License page, scroll down to find the link to download the v7.5.1 installer version you need (Mac or Windows)
5. Install the new version by running the installer program (Windows) or dragging the new version from the disk image into your Applications folder (Mac).
6. It is NOT necessary to deactivate or re-activate your installation or re-register your v.7 License.

If you have NOT yet updated to 7.4 (meaning you are currently using 7.3.2 or older) read this document prior to updating to v.7.5.1

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